Cold Laser



Colorado Body tech uses a state of the art, non-invasive cold laser which targets the contents of fat cells without destroying the cell itself. 


Each treatment takes about 20 minutes, followed by a post treatment workout.

Let us shape the body you've always WANTED ...

Awake and Thrive combines company culture with positive lifestyle.  Our tools expand far beyond one dimensional computer programs and online health encyclopedias.  

We provide custom Family training programs and nutrition designed to get you and your family to your goals quickly and safely.

Working with one of our certified veteran trainers to transform your body and life with family fun and fitness. It will be unlike anything you've ever experienced.

Corporate and personal health management


Corporate Wellness

Happier, healthier, more productive employees.

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Family Wellness Program

Let your whole family benefit from or NEW! family wellness Programs .

Family fit zone   

Resources and discounted rates on services

Cold Laser Body Sculpting

Sculpt your body quickly and easily..